iPhone and Video Surveillance App – The Business Management Application of 2012

The Apple iPhone Business Application of the Year for 2012 is Video Surveillance! Ok, maybe not, but it could be in 2013. Major companies are looking to the smartphone apps to provide tools for management. Having instant access to not only the business financial numbers, but also the logistics within an operation is critical. Video surveillance is a tool that could play a major role in increasing business efficiencies. The video surveillance apps today offer high definition real-time video to management at any time and any place not only security, but for enabling freedom to manage from afar.Video Security apps provide instant access to the business and facility. Managing people or products requires, as Tom Peters has said. “Management by Walking Around”, and this standard principle of management is still very important in 2012. No, cameras do not replace this basic management philosophy, as physical presence and direct communication is of the utmost importance. However, a new tool is in town, and it provides instant access to anywhere you can hang a camera and/or microphone. For those of you worried about Big Brother watching, don’t worry… it’s only your boss.Video security is becoming a popular business observation system, with iPhone and Droid video security applications enabling this to work at lightning speed. Operation managers, manufacturing supervisors, and business owners are utilizing the Video Surveillance apps on the Apple iPhone, Droid devices, and iPad. They could always pull out their laptop or PC and connect, but the smartphone provides instant access. No long boot up, no waiting for downloads, no dealing with the slow-moving lethargic beast that the PC can be in comparison to a smartphone. Turn the iPhone on, select the app, and verify the username and password, and BAM! You have up to 32 video and audio channels at your control. Monitor the service area, new car lot, manufacturing floor, shipyard, delivery area, parking lot, construction site, lake house, or storage facility at a moment’s notice.For example, Mr. AC owns and operates a large A/C Sales and Service facility. He is not yet ready to fully retire, as he is “only” 92, but can no longer go into the office every day. So, every morning, Mr. AC gets online with an iPad to monitor his business. He is able to view the service area, parking lot, sales office, front entrance, and employee break lounge, any time and place with the help of an EverFocus DVR and a remote web connection to the system. He even attends the daily meetings in the shop as he video monitors and listens in on the sales and engineering meetings. He knows what is going on, any time he desires to. Whether at home in his pajamas or going out in a suit and tie, Mr. AC enjoys the flexibility and peace of mind of being able to view his operation anytime and anyplace.Mr. DC manages and owns 6 fast-food restaurants in Delaware. Managing these stores is challenging as the turnover is fast and furious, and providing the best customer service can be a challenge. Not only can the security system provide him with instant access to the facilities to see potential issues, it also provides recording of customer/cashier transactions that are used for personnel training. Before, Mr. DC could only monitor his stores from his home computer, so it was impossible for him to know everything that went on. Now however, the smartphone apps he uses allow him to see activity in all six of his stores at once. These are only two examples of how video surveillance apps can make owning a business more efficient and easier, in two completely different industries.We have only scratched the surface of video technology in CCTV, and the Video Security application on the smartphone is benefiting from the video applications’ popularity, with great advancements in 2012 and even more to come in the future.The successful business owner needs to manage their facility 24/7. Whether it is a manufacturing facility, retail store, hospital, business office, service facility, restaurant, or any other business, being on top of things is required in today’s environment. The smartphone video surveillance system is a great tool for all levels of management. There are dozens of video surveillance applications in the App Store. Most are free and worth every penny! Check out the multitudes of iPhone and Droid applications from DVR manufacturers that offer a free Lite version or Pro version with the purchase of their DVR or IP Camera product.